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Isaac Burton Tigrett, a native of Jackson Tennessee, is the Founder of the original Hard Rock Café London in 1971, at age 22, with partner Peter Morton.

Acquiring Morton's global interest in 1980, Tigrett granted Morton rights limited to territory west of the Mississippi River in the USA. Tigrett then relaunched the Hard Rock "Brand" and began Global Expansion.

IBT at HRC Newsweek Photoshoot, 1971

Tigrett wowed music fans worldwide when he relaunched the Hard Rock as the world's first "Rock & Roll Hall of Fame" on New York's 57th Street in 1984, adorned with musical treasures donated by the iconic gods of Rock & Roll, R&B and Country & Western music.

HRC New York

Tigrett then took the Media Heralded -Hard Rock- "Rock & Roll Hall of Fame" to USA and Capital cities Globally, with equally astounding receptions in cities such as Tokyo, Stockholm, Dallas, Washington D.C., Cancun, and Reykjavik, Iceland, the soon to open Universal Studios in Florida and relaunched the original London Hard Rock as "Europe's Rock & Roll Hall of Fame", following the Premier New York opening.

Under Tigrett's guidance as Chairman and CEO, the Hard Rock achieved notable IPO Valuations when he placed the Hard Rock as a Public Company on both the American and London Stock Exchanges.


With Tigrett's belief that the Hard Rock's global future was firmly in place for decades to come, and with multiple global locations in progress, he retired, selling his interest auspiciously twenty years to the day he had founded the company in the United Kingdom.

After four years of public service activities, Tigrett again as Chairman and CEO launched the International House of Blues Entertainment Company in 1992, with partners, the Disney company, Harvard University's Endowment Fund and Chase Manhattan Bank's Venture Capital Group.

HoB Logos

The House of Blues' meteoric rise as the USA's premier live entertainment venues featured the world's leading artists of Rock, R&B, Urban, Gospel, Blues and World Music genres.

HOB expanded rapidly from the original location in Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA to New Orleans' French Quarter, Hollywood's Sunset Strip, Chicago's iconic Marina City, Disneyworld in Orlando and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

HOB entertainment developed media divisions, including weekly National TV and Radio Programing, with partners Time Warner and CBS Radio, the Grammy award-winning HOB Blues and Gospel Record Label with BMG, and the first music broadcast address on the new phenomenon, the World Wide Web.

The Hard Rock, Tigrett says, "is a "Celebration of Culture". Our love of music and the musicians that create it and was born out of the ideals of the Peace and Love revolution of the late 1960s."

The House of Blues "Created Culture" through its Live Music Venues, the TV & Radio Shows, Record Label and the HOB's premier Broadcast Internet address.

Tigrett believes the HOB's greatest milestone was the historic first global broadcast of sound on the World Wide Web, emanating at the celebration of Martin Luther King's birthday from the House of Blues in Hollywood, featuring performances by Isaac Hayes and his orchestra, Gospel's Five Blind Boys of Alabama and Stevie Wonder.

"The Hard Rock is now a global household word in every hemisphere of this planet, 50 years in the making with now over 200 Cafés, Hotels, & Casinos and Live Music Venues across the globe. The Hard Rock phenomena is now steered by the great Seminole Native American Indian Nation of FLorida, which is still rapidly expanding HRC Hotels, Cafés and Casinos, serving hundreds of thousands of fans globally each day. Forbes estimates the present value of the HRC at 12 billion USD.

Tigrett stepped down as CEO of House of Blues, to pursue a calling for social outreach activities. The House of Blues continued to expand in the USA and was sold to its present owners, the USAs mammoth venue company, Live Nation.

Tigrett heralds that his life's blessed good fortune is being the Founder and Original Steward of both The House of Blues and The Hard Rock Café, London's First Classless Restaurant; Supporting the creation of the Free Super Specialty Surgical Hospital in Andhra Pradesh; and the creation of the The House of Blues Foundation which has reached over a million urban school kids with numerous social programs and awarded college scholarships in concert with school districts across America.

Tigrett proclaims that his success lies in "The HRC's message of Love All - Serve All and the HOB's message of Help Ever - Hurt Never. "These are sacred ideals and must be the moral compass for continuing life success and good fortune for any life, any endeavor."

Tigrett, through The Rama Foundation of Zurich Switzerland, funded the SSSIHMS, a "free" 500-bed high-end Super Specialty Surgical Hospital in Andhra Pradesh, India that has served to date 3 million Patients at no cost.

SSSIHMS Puttaparthi, India

He has served on numerous profit and non-profit boards, including as Trustee, Regent and Director of the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine in New York City, New York

Cathedral of Saint John the Divine in New York City, New York

Tigrett also served as board member of The Blues Foundation and the Memphis Rock & Roll Museum created by the Smithsonian Institute.

HoB Foundation Memphis Rock & Roll Museum

Tigrett presently sits on the board of the USA's Divine WIll Foundation, which operates the Center for Human Development in Carlisle, Boston and the Sathya Sai Sanjeevani Clinic in Clarksdale, Mississippi. He is also a board-member of the Sri Sathya Sai Karuna Nilayam Foundation, which operates the Karunalayam free clinic and hospital in Sri Lanka.

Tigrett was Board Member of one England's first environmental group of the 80s, the celebrity-driven Ark Trust with fellow founders and supporters, Dustin Hoffman, Chrissy Hynde, Sting and Kevin Godley.

Ark Trust Critically acclaimed environmental film by Kevin Godley

Tigrett is the original co-benefactor of the "Freedom Award" at the National Civil Rights Museum, USA, which he presented to such civil rights activists as Bishop Desmond Tutu and President Jimmy Carter.

IBT and Bishop Desmond Tutu

Isaac Tigrett was commended publicly on the floor of the United States Senate by former Leader of the Republican Party, Dr. Bill Frist, for his worldwide contribution to American Culture, Blues and Rock & Roll, now archived in the United States Congressional Record.

United States Congressional Record

Mr. Tigrett has been awarded two Ph.D. honorariums for his work in promoting Racial Harmony and promoting African American Music and Art culture worldwide.

Man on a Mission Link to Doctoral Acceptance Speech, Centre College Rhodes College Doctoral Event with fellow honorees Rhodes College Doctoral Event with fellow honorees, William Ferris, National Endowment for the Humanities and Morgan Freeman, actor.

Tigrett is a public speaker on "Ethics in Business" and "Global Branding" and has spoken, at among others, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA, the Young Presidents International Organization; Chapters in Los Angeles, CA, Boston, MA and Mumbai, India; at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia; and the Global Forum of Spiritual and Parliamentarian Leaders; the Kremlin, Moscow.

Young Presidents International Organization, Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia

Mr. Tigrett presently oversees the Prakashana Publishing Society in India, publishing Interfaith Spiritual Teachings of Indian Master, Sathya Sai Baba, in 19 languages and for the past 3 years has traveled to 20 countries as a Public Speaker on Spiritual and Ancient Mystic Concepts.

Prakashana Publishing Society, India

Tigrett in 2019 returned to his Southern USA homeland, and now resides in Oxford, Mississippi, in preparation of a paper on Material & Spiritual World experiences.

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