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Tigrett believes God gave him these chances at grace and service:

1.) Being the Founder and Original Steward of both the Hard Rock Cafe, London Mayfair’s first classless restaurant, and the legendary live music venues The House of Blues.

2.) Through Tigrett’s Rama Foundation of Zurich, Switzerland, the Sri Sathya Sai Institute Of Higher Medical Sciences, a 500-bed super specialty surgical hospital in Andhra Pradesh, India, was funded and built. To date, 3 million patients have received state of the art medical treatment totally free of cost.

3.) The creation of the House of Blues Foundation, which has reached over 1 million urban school kids with numerous music and art programs across the USA and has awarded hundreds of college scholarships in concert with public school district partners across America.

IBT with partners Yul and Rock Brynner, 1984

The Hard Rock is a cultural phenomonon based on music and the musicians who make it, now in 70 countries in over 250 locations. Reported by Forbes to be 12.5 Billion USD.


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